Monday, March 17, 2014

Authentic Space Imagery as Fine Art

Although artist interpretations of celestial objects that cannot be captured with telescopes or spacecraft are certainly beautiful and can get you thinking of how something actually looks like - i.e.: black holes, evolving planetary systems around other stars, etc., there's nothing quite like the real thing.  I'm one of those folks that can stare at a Hubble image every day without ever getting tired of it. There's just so much there to get your imagination going - the realization that every white spec is a star, the contemplation of immense distance, bearing witness to star formation, the unimaginable heat generated by a giant young star, absolutely everything about an authentic image is just so incredibly captivating.

But in addition to all the science and magic that's going on; the imagery, not just from Hubble but from the ESO and other telescopes and spacecraft, is just so visually beautiful.  Even though nebulae can be so large in scale, they still take on the familiar shapes we see in earthbound nature.

Heck, I was just stirring cinnamon powder into a cappuccino the other day and noticed that it resembled a spiral galaxy. Typical me, I stopped the stirring and was totally fixated on it.  Yeah, I know, weird.  But as someone who has a strong strand of artistic/creative DNA (both my parents were artists, my great uncle Bill Tytla, a legendary Disney animator) it comes natural to me to notice the art in everything.

That's why I'm teaming up with Zorya Fine Arts to put on an exhibit featuring some incredibly sharp and beautiful outer space imagery.  But unlike my website,, which gives everyone in the world the opportunity to display the imagery at home without the hassle and expense of mounting or framing, an exhibit gives me an opportunity to go all out and present the imagery in a sophisticated and upscale way.
The gallery-style mounting will be a major expenditure for a small startup business like me but both myself and Zorya Fine Arts feel that it will be worth it.  We're confident that the upscale folks that live near the gallery in Greenwich, CT (which is pretty much the east coast version of Beverly Hills) will embrace the idea of space as art and will want to bring a few home.  I'm confident it will be a home run.

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